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  • 企業簡介

    HAN SHU 


    ??上海漢屬機械科技有限公司是設計、制造、銷售粉粒料包裝機械和承接成套工程的專業企業。經過多年生產經驗,憑著對先進技術的不斷探索、研究和應用,公司發展已初具規模,現有員工近50人,并擁有一支由專業技術人員、工程師、和銷售、售后服務人員組成的富有團隊創新精神的隊伍。 ??

    ?我公司產品已廣泛應用于奶粉、食品、保健品、調味品、食品配料、藥品、飲料、化工、化妝品和辦公用品等各個領域,產品遍及全國,依靠先進的工程設計理念、豐富的實踐經驗、成熟的工藝技術和勇于創新的員工隊伍,我公司可根據客戶的實際需求,提供從方案設計、生產研制、安裝調試、技術培訓到售后服務的整套包裝工藝流程。近年來,我公司已經為國內眾多的乳品、保健品和調味品企業提供了奶粉、蛋白粉、 罐裝、袋裝生產線,獲得了眾多的好評,形成了良好的口碑。 ??

    ?“品質鑄造輝煌、誠信引領成功”,漢屬機械的全體員工將以此為信念,更好的與各個行業和領域廣泛合作。因為專業所以 ,漢屬機械愿與國內外朋友在追求 的征途上攜手共進,共創輝煌!

    ??Shanghai Hanshu Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise which designs, manufactures and sells powder packaging machinery and undertakes complete projects. After years of production experience, relying on the continuous exploration, research and application of advanced technology, the company has begun to take shape, with nearly 50 employees, and has a team of professional and technical personnel, engineers, and sales and after-sales service personnel.

    ??Our products have been widely used in milk powder, food, health products, condiments, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, beverages, chemicals, cosmetics and office supplies and other fields. Our products are all over the country. Depending on advanced engineering design concepts, rich practical experience, mature technology and innovative staff, our company can provide followers according to the actual needs of customers. Case design, production development, installation and commissioning, technical training to after-sales service process. In recent years, our company has provided milk powder, protein powder and chicken powder canned and bagged production lines for many domestic dairy, health care products and condiments enterprises, and has won numerous praises, forming a good reputation.

    ??“Quality casting brilliant, integrity leading to success,” all the employees of Hanzhou Machinery will take this as their belief, and better cooperate with various industries and fields. Because of its specialty, Hanshu Machinery is willing to work hand in hand with friends at home and abroad in the pursuit of excellence, and create brilliance together!

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